Leeds People's Choir

Choir at Aberystwith Street Choir Festival

Leeds Peoples Choir Repertoire Report

15 July 2014

Nathalie and Rachel identified potential songs using the choir's back catalogue.
Nominations were also invited from choir members. Each nominated song was rated against the following criteria:

The ratings are in Google Docs: http://bit.ly/Ub2FIa

The highest rated songs were considered at the 2nd April 2014 Repertoire Meeting and two songs were agreed:

Eight songs were shortlisted for voting by the choir membership. 23 members voted on a scale from '0 Really Don't Like' to '5 Really Love'. Marks from 1 to 5 were totalled; 0 scores received -5 marks. Maximum possible mark = 115; minimum possible mark = -115. The rank order is as follows (marks in brackets):