About the choir

Leeds People’s Choir is a social justice choir – we sing to support causes and campaigns we believe in and to promote equality, justice and community. Led by our inspirational MD Jenny Goodman, we are a friendly bunch who sing songs of joy, liberation, struggle, celebration and peace from around the world.

In 2019, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, LPC started on a project (funded by Leeds Inspired) to create new songs about hitherto unsung Leeds people, working with composer Fran Wyburn, who put our words to music. We premiered the first of these songs, Women of Leeds, at Whitby Street Choirs Festival, 2022. We sang the second song about The Middleton Railway at Street Choirs Festival in Kendal, 2023.

The choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing – there are no auditions and we usually learn songs by ear so there is no need to read music.

Leeds People’s Choir banner

Choir History

Leeds People’s Choir was formed in 1990 as a secular choir by a group of singers living in Leeds. The original idea came from one of the founder members who had lived in France and noticed that there were a number of community choirs. The idea of starting a choir was suggested to Swarthmore Education Centre – where the choir sings to this day!

In July 1990, there was an open invitation to any singers who might be interested in forming a community choir. The origins of Leeds People’s Choir are also linked to Sheffield Socialist Choir which was formed in 1988, originally as a Workers Education Association class called ‘Songs of Struggle’. Members of Sheffield Social Choir came to teach several songs to the singers who responded to the invitation from Swarthmore.

The choir started to sing on an ongoing basis at Swarthmore in September 1990, initially led by a member of Sheffield Socialist Choir.

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